Bring the magic of the natural world into your classroom.



Eight Video Episodes

We present the world of bees in a fun comedic style, before switching to a simple instructional format to assist teachers with the dances.


We’ve designed 20 worksheets to enrich the information discovered in each episode. A few examples include, knowledge webs, colouring-in activities and bee anatomy cut and paste activities!

Classroom Activities

Each video episode is accompanied by classroom activities (13 in total), which include creating costumes, roleplaying and dance games and an educational video game.

98-Page Workbook

A 98-page printed book (also provided digitally), which lays out the science of each episode in a simple, easy to pick up format.

Original Music

Transport your classroom into the world of bees with thirteen original tracks, each themed around a part of bee life, composed by two award winning ACT composers.  


Children are guided through fourteen original dances, which give them the opportunity to roleplay the process of making honey, pollinating, guarding the hive and lots more!  


Nine digital posters are included, with high resolution photographs of real honey bees and three original illustrations by artist Andrew Hore. 


Dance Students
Dance Students

Our Program has been designed specifically for the Australian Curriculum

Take Flight’s Creative Classroom Kits are based on a successful program that has been run in over one hundred schools and centres within the ACT in the last ten years.

While developing the Kits, we worked with Jill Buscombe, a Sustainable Schools Coordinator, co-author of the Aboriginal Natural Resource Management Curriculum Program and consultant on the Australian Curriculum. She ensured that the eight-episode learning module has been comprehensively linked to the Australian Curriculum.

She also developed a handy guide that details the Kits’ curriculum links. Click below to see a summarised version.



Susan Jones

CSIRO and GBRMPA commissioned Sue to create two environmental stage productions about Rainforests and the Reef. Sue also developed two ballet schools and pioneered creative education with DanceKids.

Emily Appleton

Emily is a qualified dance educator, choreographer and performer. She is dedicated to making and sharing dance that ignites creativity, good health, connection and joy.

Maris Tebecis

Maris, who by day is in Australia’s Foreign Service, brings passion and experience in environmental education and youth leadership to Take Flight.

Peter Castle

Peter is an award-winning game developer and published creative writer. He aims to build projects and companies that have a positive impact on people’s lives.


DanceKids to Take Flight Education: The Dancing Honey Bee

In 2004 Sue Jones combined her lifelong twin passions for environmental science and dance, and developed her business called DanceKids. (

The Take Flight: Dancing Honey Bee kit was built on the back of her experience in developing and presenting the DanceKids Environmental Discovery Programs.

These programs are still being presented in Canberra and surrounding regions.

Click the honeybee icons to read just some of the reflections from people who have experienced Sue’s work firsthand.

Christine Cansfield-Smith Former Director CSIRO Discovery

Christine Cansfield-Smith Former Director CSIRO Discovery

I greatly admire Sue Jones, her professionalism and her capabilities as a dance teacher.
She is able to draw out the best from her students; even those not naturally inclined
towards movement and dance. Sue is so enthusiastic in the way she researches
carefully and accurately her subject matter. She then can imaginatively communicate,
through dance, some important principles of natural science and the environment;
areas of which she is passionate. Her Dancing Honey Bee Kit will be very special,
particularly as bees are so critical to our survival. Sue will have created this product with
a great deal of determination and creativity. She’s brilliant really.

Norma Williams Former Executive Officer Children Services Resource Advisory Program ACT

Norma Williams Former Executive Officer Children Services Resource Advisory Program ACT

As I was exploring the practice of Emergent Curriculum (EC) theory and brain development
in early childhood at the time I first saw Sues work, I saw how Sue’s approach fitted well into the E.C. framework
of brain development theory showing how children consciously and unconsciously learn
when engaged in hand-on play based active learning. When exploring new ideas, notions
and concepts young children further translate this into concrete experiences and activities.  The
additional attraction to Sue’s innovative work was also, of course, the evident joy of learning
and play children have when participating in her dance, music and movement, conceptual
and dramatic plays.
Sue is very much in touch with the inner child and uses her adult knowledge, talent and
experience to be creative in a very intelligent, inclusive and participatory way with others.

Kylie MacDonald – Florey Primary School

Kylie MacDonald – Florey Primary School

My students and I have been fortunate to be part of the Sue Jones, DanceKids program over
many years. This program caters for both boys and girls incorporating movement, dance and
environmental awareness in a fun and vibrant program. I was delighted when I found out
that a new teacher resource has been designed. The Take Flight Education Kit, ‘The Dancing
Honey Bee’ is easy to use and understand for the busy teacher. The kit is linked to the
Australian curriculum and will be a valuable resource in my teaching program. I look forward
to delivering this quality program and thank Sue for making such a user-friendly resource
with all the planning and links to the curriculum already done.